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TAM ARA is a fashion brand creating timeless clothes from high-quality natural materials for women who seek everyday wear that will not go out of style. Their style.

We see and meet so many personalities and body types. We want to celebrate them all, that is why each of our pieces can be altered to fit their style. YOUR style.

Image by Annie Spratt

About Tamara

Tamara started her career in banking and during that time she struggled to find high quality, comfortable clothes that would express her personality and make her mornings easier. Her passion for wool and natural renewable materials combined with her timeless aesthetics resulted in the creation of her own clothing line. 

“I want to help women dress according to their style, not the current trend or thoughts of other people around them.”

We care for our women

We create with you on our mind because we know how we want you to feel in our clothes.

Chic, comfortable, happy and self-confident.


DARE TO BE YOURSELF and let us help you to be you.

Let's get personal

Our work is personal for us and we want it to be personal for you as well. Customization is one of the key pillars of our work. 


You take part in the process. We believe that the garments we create for you will be much more than just a piece of clothing, they will be an experience and a cherished memory.

Learn more about our tailoring services.

Pleated Fabric
Our love for materials

Wool changed everything for us. It was one of the main motivators to create TAM ARA and it has been our foundation ever since. 

Wool may be our favourite but every natural material has properties we would love you to benefit from. That is why you will find cashmere, silk, linen, cotton and others in our collections.


Learn more about our materials

Better for the planet. Better for you.

We strive to be as sustainable as we can.


Small-scale ethical and local production, natural materials, minimalist cuts and minimal waste. All of these are a better fit for the environment and for you as well. It also allows us to create custom-made pieces in which you will feel more comfortable over many seasons. 

Learn more about our core values

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