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Conditions for Custom-made Orders


Price includes:
Research and design, pattern, all materials needed for production plus the time to acquire it, meetings and consultations, fittings, cost of sewing and alterations, travel and shipping costs and profit.

Price estimate:

Price is estimated based on cost estimates of all items mentioned in the above section ("Price includes").


We reserve the right to change the price estimate due to:
- a change of amount of production materials or their prices
- design and material changes upon customer's request or in case the original material is no longer available 
- more difficult alterations that were not included in the original estimate


The customer will be informed about all the changes that impact the price and their approval will be requested.


Final price calculation:

The final price reflects the real costs of items mentioned in the section "Price includes"



The order is confirmed once both sides agree on the details and conditions or when the payment for retainer invoice is sent.

We reserve the right to decline the order or stop the production in case the demands of the customers cannot be met or are strongly against our values. In case the retainer invoice has been paid before this occurs, it cannot be reimbursed.


The customer acknowledges that the design or designs provided by us are the intellectual property of TAM ARA and cannot be used by a third party without our agreement. The design is always subject to a fee which is included in the total price of the custom order or paid separately.


Retainer invoice is raised in the amount of 50% of Price estimate. The invoice's due date is 5 calendar days. The order is considered confirmed once the invoice has been paid.


Our standard production time is 2 - 6 weeks. The actual production time can differ depending on our capacity or difficulty of the order. In case there are alterations during the process that are more time-consuming, the estimated production time can also change. The customer will be informed in case it happens. We reserve the right to change the delivery date due to illness or unpredictable situations. 



Custom-made orders have the standard warranty of 48 months. 


The customer is obliged to pay the balance of the Final price after the delivery of the product. The invoice's due date is 5 calendar days.


Custom-made orders cannot be returned or exchanged.

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