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Custom-made Orders

Looking for something personal and you like our style? Would you like to have something custom-made?

We will be more than happy to create a unique piece for you. One that would reflect your personality and taste.

What is the process?



Write us an email or call. Describe your vision - theme, occasion, type of garment, season, color, style, etc. If you have some inspirational pictures, feel free to include them.


Our Response

After we have received your query, we will get in touch to get additional information or arrange a meeting with you. We will provide a rough price estimate, if already possible. 



During the meeting we will discuss all the details, take your measurements, show you suggested sketches and fabric samples. Ideally, the meeting will end with us choosing the right design and fabric together. 

Fashion Sketch
Suit Fabric


Price Calculation

Now that we know all the details, we will calculate the price range.  Once you agree with the price, we will send you the retainer invoice for 50% of the price estimate. The order is placed by you sending the payment. In case you cancel the order, the retainer is not refunded.

All the formalities are now done and we are staring to work on the garment. We will get all fabrics and notions needed and prepare the piece for the first fitting (we either create a mockup from a test fabric or we work directly with the right fabric).



There will be 1 - 3 fittings. During the creative process, we make as many alternations as desired, needed and possible. 


Final Garment

All done! After you receive the final piece and you are happy with everything, we issue an invoice for the balance of the price. 


Pattern and Mockup


How in advance should I place the query?

The standard delivery period is 2 - 6 weeks, but it may vary depending on our current work-load and the difficulty of the garment. We advice you to contact us 2 - 3 months prior and in case of wedding or evening gowns, 6 months prior the event.  It is the best to start working on coats in summer, for example, and on summer wedding dress at the beginning of the year.

What materials do you use?

The list of materials we work with can be found here. Besides the natural fabrics, we also use blends with nylon and/or elastane where desired. Neither polyester nor acryl can be found in our work. In reaction to your inquiry, we always inform you if your vision can be created with quality and materials that meet our standards

What are the prices?

The situation is very unpredictable at the moment, with prices of materials and labor increasing steadily. To give an idea about prices, below is a basic overview:

Tops and shirts from 4 000 CZK
Skirt without a lining from 4 500 CZK
Lined skirt from 6 000 CZK
Trousers from 6 000 CZK
Jackets and blazers from 10 000 CZK
Sweatshirts from 4 500 CZK
Dresses from 7 000 CZK
Coats from 15 000 CZK
Simple wedding or evening dresses from 15 000 CZK
More complex wedding or evening dresses from 30 000 CZK

Who will be my contact person?

All the custom-made orders are handled by Tamara. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to have a garment made remotely?

Yes, we also do remote custom orders. However, it is recommended to choose a simpler style. There will be much more detailed measurements taking and fittings are not possible. Fabric samples can be sent to you via post.

What to bring with me to fittings?

We would like to ask you to attend the fitting in underwear and other clothes that you will be wearing with the garment. Do not forget your shoes, too.

The complete conditions for custom-made orders can be found here.

Do you have more questions or want to make an appointment?

​Get in touch, we will be happy to help or let's start working on your dream garment!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If needed, please contact us at 00 420 774 534 852.​

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