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Our production was on-hold during the pandemic. As the world stopped, we suddenly felt uninspired. However, we did not want to stand still, so we focused on rebranding and a new website.


As new ideas started flowing in again, we decided the collection A/W 21/22 will be an homage to our new color palette and the breath of fresh air we all needed.


Spring/Summer 2020

In these chaotic times, we wanted to bring color and light to your wardrobe and your soul. The S/S 2020 collection is called Jungle and perfectly reflects the current situation and our aim.


The A/W 19/20 collection is about all the sides a woman has. She is soft, empowered and sexy in one body and mind.


All pieces in the collection are made of wool and are easily transformed from day- to evening wear.


You might love or hate hot summer days but you still miss them when they are long gone. Imagine a summer afternoon spent on a terrace in the shadow of majestic plants. Time slowly passes by and the evening in a vibrant city is ahead. This is the spring / summer 2019 collection to us. Dive into that feeling in silk, linen and cotton in flowy silhouettes.


The A/W 18/19 collection was designed in Berlin, Germany. This city is a culinary paradise and its approach to eating inspired us. People have learned to eat high quality food and now it is time to make this transformation in clothing. The collection invites you to take a bite of local fashion.


Following ideas from the first collection, the S/S 18 is also built around busy women who want to be elegant even on a hot summer day. Light and breathable fabrics, semi-fitted cuts and fun hidden details promise to satisfy even the most demanding woman.

Casual wear is a part of the collection because we want to enjoy our summer free time to the fullest.

tam (6).JPG

The A/W 17/18 was our first official collection. We focused at the roots of our creative head - Tamara. Prior to becoming a fashion designer, she worked in banking and was enchanted by business dress code. With this collection, we wanted to focus at business women and make them feel feminine in the same clothes both in and outside of work.

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